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About our Textiles Program

JSI has collaborated with textile companies to offer a diverse selection of graded-in products. The textiles offered in our graded-in program are offered at reduced prices, extended availability, and simplified ordering. We willingly accept any fabric choice, those included in our graded-in program and those not included.

Fabric Warranty

Fabric manufacturer's warranty will apply to graded-in textiles. COL/COM textiles are non-standard materials and therefore, not covered in our standard warranty. Please refer to textile manufacturers for additional warranty information.

Lead Times and Availability

Orders specified through the graded-in textiles program will be acknowledged based on delivery schedule from each supplier. Guarantees on fabric availability or lead times cannot be made. Each supplier reserves the right to discontinue patterns and colors for the program.


Ship prepaid COL / COM material to:
Attn: COL / COM Dept.
932 Mill St.
Jasper, Indiana 47546

COL pricing is listed in the price list and based on an average hide of 50 square feet. Consult JSI customer service for requirements on any other sizes.

COM pricing is listed in the price list and based upon 54" plain non-directional material. Additional yardage will be required for repeats or fabric less than 54" wide. All stripes will be applied vertically unless specified otherwise. Patterned fabrics will be applied at our discretion unless special instructions are included with the order.

The COL / COM yardage requirements listed are for one chair. Yardage requirements may be reduced when ordering multiple quantities. Please contact JSI customer service for yardage requirements on multiple quantities.

We cannot assume responsibility for the receipt of defective COL / COM or for the tailoring quality of some fabric. Some fabrics, due to their bulkiness or thinness may not tailor well.

All COL / COM orders must include the following: Vendor’s name, pattern name and color; Sample of the fabric attached to order; Model numbers of items for fabric application; Special application instructions - all stripes will be applied vertically unless specified otherwise; Customer and purchase order number.

Application of COM Fabric:
COM fabric is cut “up the roll” unless otherwise specified by customer.

Grade-In Program Partners

For Memo Samples, contact 800 645 3943
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Maharam
pdfGraded-in list
pdfMMMM card high-res scan
pdfMode card high-res scan
pdfValue Reference 5 card high-res scan

For Memo Samples, contact 800 366 6839
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Momentum
pdfGraded-in list
pdfColor card high-res scan
pdfEveryday Solutions II card high-res scan
pdfInspired Solutions II card high-res scan
pdfMidday Solutions card high-res scan
pdfPolyurethane Solutions card high-res scan

For Memo Samples, contact 877 309 6648
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Ultrafabrics
pdfGraded-in list
pdfUltrafabrics Card high-res scan

For Memo Samples, contact 336 884 5005
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Wollsdorf
pdfGraded-in list
pdfWollsdorf card high-res scan

For Memo Samples, contact 800 428 4415
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Mayer Fabrics
pdfGraded-in list

For Memo Samples, contact 800 223 5466
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Arc Com
pdfGraded-in list

For Memo Samples, contact 800 221 1540
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Designtex
pdfGraded-in list

For Memo Samples, contact 800 841 6279
pdfAdditional textile information/go to Stinson
pdfGraded-in list

Tackboard Fabric

Culp Montgomery Sterling fabric is standard (grade A) pricing for JSI tackboards. Other fabrics can be specified.

Oxley Quilted/Tufted Textiles

pdfPDF of quilted/tufted textiles

Additional Information

pdfPDF of textiles information
pdfComplete JSI Graded-in list
pdfComplete Laminate Graded-in list
Contact JSI customer service at 800 457 4511 or

Culp Montgomery Sterling